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Spectacular, museum-quality framed display featuring the authentic hand-signed autograph of QUEEN VICTORIA, Queen of the United Kingdom, Great Brittan, and Ireland. Autographed envelope is signed "The Queen" and adressed to Henry William Paget the 2nd Earl of Uxbridge.


William Henry Paget fought close by the side of the first Duke of Wellington during Waterloo. According to anecdote, he was close to Wellington when his leg was hit, and exclaimed, "By God, sir, I've lost my leg!" — to which Wellington replied, "By God, sir, so you have!".


Featouring extremley well preserved "Blood-Red" wax royal seal, a rare sight in such an old envelope. 


NOTE:  All SIGNATURIST-INK displays feature archivally mounted documents. This acid-free museum-grade mounting tape releases safely with simply a drop of water.


UNCONDITIONALLY GUARANTEED GENUINE to pass any reputable third party authentication service. Bid with confidence. Please view our exceptional feedback and ratings, and our additional autograph and document auctions.


Quite simply one of the finest Victoria pieces currently available on the market!


 Sold as is, as shown. 

QUEEN VICTORIA * HAND SIGNED Envelope * Autographed "The Queen" * WAX SEAL

  • Elegantly framed and archivally matted to custom-made, ornate 12” x 16” “antique gold" real wood frame. Gorgeous PH-neutral "Sepia" brown mat with descriptive bronze plaque and featuring highly-detailed steel engraving of THE QUEEN.

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