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PLEASE NOTE: This is an example of one of the cards, the actual card you receive will be similar, however, the star position and shape may vary slightly. 


Genuine 1" SPACE FLOWN paper star removed from the APOLLO XII Command and Service Module schematic entitled "PWR DIST-AC" - certified by Apollo 12 Command Module Pilot RICHARD GORDON as "FLOWN TO THE MOON ON APOLLO XII" 

NOTE: You will receive one authentic cut star from the original Apollo 12 schematic that flew to the moon. This paper actually flew to the moon, and is not a reproduction or copy. 
Includes collectible SIGNATURIST-INK Limited Edition collectible card together with the star encapsulated in 3" x 4" acid-free acrylic screw-down case.
>>> The authentic schematic was removed from a large 38 page Systems Data checklist binder that Gordon carried with him in the CMP. Gordon has certified the binder and its original contents. <<<
[Source document / Original 37" Schematic/ image(s) are shown for REFERENCE ONLY. Upon purchase you will receive one cut star in a acrylic holder with COPIES of the two Certifications from Moonpans, a COPY of the Apollo stowage list showing the binder on board, and a COPY of the signed section of the schematic that certified it was "flown to the moon". You WILL NOT receive the Source Document]. Please ask any questions if you are unclear. 
For added security and as your assurance of authenticity, this item has been encapsulated using SIGNATURIST-INK's own proprietary tamper-evident hologram seal.
Own a remarkable piece of American history! The perfect gift for the astronomer, space collector, aviation fan or History buff. 
Sold as is, as shown


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