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DIANA, PRINCESS OF WALES spectacular authentic 3 page autograph letter on Kensington Palace stationery. Diana writes to her friend John Gairdner expressing her sadness upon hearing he had been fired from Charles Jourdan LTD in London. In the midst of an unhappy marriage Diana expresses her wish for Mr. Jordan to find happiness saying "I do hope that whatever life brings you in the future is what you want and that you're happy, which is very important". The young royal pens almost 140 words in this lengthy and rare letter. 

CERTIFIED AUTHENTIC BY Beckett Authentication Services (BAS) EXPERT EXAMINATION. Sale includes original BAS Letter of Authenticity. GUARANTEED GENUINE - simply one of the finest DIANA documents available on the market.

ALSO INCLUDES ORIGINAL HANDWRITTEN ENVELOPE from Diana, as shown. The letter itself is 3 pages written on two leaves of paper (1 front and back). 


Diana writes:
"October 26th 1987.
Dear John, 
How very sad I am to hear that you are no longer at Charles Jourdan - half the joy of visiting there was having a laugh with you & it [sic] will not be the same anymore. It must have come as such a shock to you & I could not be more sorry.
You have been incredibly kind to me throughout the years and I have greatly appreciated that in between realizing what a fortunate lady I am to be able to pop into Charles Jo[^u]rdan whenever!
I do hope that whatever life brings you in the future is what you want & that you're happy, which is very important. Thank you so much for writing to me. John, I know our paths will cross, but until please take care. 
With love from,

Born Diana Spencer, DIANA was the first wife of Charles, Prince of Wales who is the elder child and heir apparent of Queen Elizabeth II. The marriage produced two sons, Princes William and Harry, who were then respectively second and third in the line of succession to the British throne. Following her divorce in 1996, Diana remained the object of worldwide media scrutiny. Her untimely death in a car crash in Paris on August 31, 1997 and her funeral were accompanied by intense public mourning.

A handsome and impressive addition to the den or office of the Diana devotee or autograph collector. An exceptional investment opportunity, and a truly rare and remarkable find. 

Sold as is as shown. 

PRINCESS DIANA * BAS Beckett *Autograph Handwritten 3 Page Letter Signed *

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