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Legendary Apollo 11 commander and first man on the moon NEIL ARMSTRONG rare hand signed and uninscribed copy of JULY 21 1969 NEWSPAPER, "GIANT LEAP FOR MANKIND". The rarest of space collectibles, it is essentially a signed photo of Armstrong (and Aldrin) on the surface of the moon, as well as Armstrong acknowledging his famous words on the moon.


***NOTE:  Armstrong items are almost always inscribed by him, finding an uninscribed item is very hard, making it highly collectible ***


This item was submitted for a quick, informal opinion to the highly respected ZARELLI SPACE AUTHENTICATION and Steve Zarelli deemed it "Likely Authentic".


Armstrong is one of the most commonly forged signatures in all of collecting, and authentic autographs are HIGHLY SOUGHT AFTER. This may be your ONE CHANCE to get such a bold and authentic example of a Neil Armstrong signature.


The SIGNATURIST-INK has dealt in dozens of APOLLO 11 autograph items, authenticated across the board by respected names such as PSA/DNA, JSA, and ZARELLI SPACE, and is one of the most respected and trusted sellers of Apollo 11 autographs. 


Neil Armstrong signatures are often found to be in extremely faded condition. This signature is one of the finest examples that has ever come to market and will only be available for a short time. The signature is strong, bold, and confident, with Armstrong's classic flourish. 


To assure that your signature never fades the autograph is behind a pane of UV resistant museum-grade glass. This signature will stay as bold as the day it was signed for generations! 


APOLLO XI lasted from July 16 - 24, 1969. It was the first flight to land humans on the moon. 


PLEASE NOTE: The newspaper itself is a copy of the front page of "The Oregonian". Neil Armstrong signature was not copied on, it's original and was hand signed by him. 




A one-in-a-lifetime remarkable investment-grade addition to a museum, the executive office, or for the space and aviation collection.


Sold as is, as shown.

NEIL ARMSTRONG * Signed "Giant Leap" Autograph Newspaper * Zarelli Apollo 11

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