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Legendary Apollo 11 commander and first man on the moon NEIL ARMSTRONG rare hand-signed and uninscribed pamphlet photo of the iconic foot print on the Moon with Armstrong's "One Small Step" quote printed underneath it. A rare piece for NASA collectors, Armstrong acknowledges his famous words on the moon by attaching his signature next to the quote. Obtained less than six months after Armstrong stepped foot on the moon.

PROVENANCE: This autograph is located on the reverse of a Purdue University convocation program. The signature was obtained by Terry L. Miethe and comes with his Certificate of Authenticity as well as the typed story of how he snuck in to the Purdue convocation and obtained Armstrong's signature. 

Armstrong is one of the most commonly forged signatures in all of collecting, and authentic examples of his signature are HIGHLY SOUGHT AFTER. The signature is UNCONDITIONALLY GUARANTEED AUTHENTIC! This autograph has already been thoroughly reviewed and certified authentic by the industry experts at Beckett Authentication Services (BAS).

Neil Armstrong signatures are often found to be in extremely faded condition. This signature is one of the finest examples that has ever come to market and will only be available for a short time. The signature is strong, bold, and confident, with Armstrong's classic flourish. 

Sold as is, as shown.

NEIL ARMSTRONG * Beckett BAS Slab * Signed "One Small Step" Autograph Photo

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