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NAPOLEON BONAPARTE, Emperor of France, manuscript note dated 28th October 1810 boldly signed "Napoleon" with a vigorous flourish, and noted "accordé" (accepted), also in the Emperor's own hand.


Purchased from a respected document dealer in Paris. UNCONDITIONALLY GUARANTEED GENUINE to pass any reputable third-party authentication service (PSA/DNA, JSA, Beckett) -- or your money back!


For your added pre-purchase assurance, document includes original PSA/DNA QuickOpinion Result Letter, "LIKELY GENUINE".


Duke de Feltre's report indicates that during a battle in 1809 near Bayreuth, a detachment from the 9th battalion lost some documents as well as a certain amount of money. The Ministry asks the Emperor if he accepts to compensate for this loss, to which the Emperor responds, "accordé" (accepted) a