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While Negotiating the end of Civil Disobedience in India Gandhi Pens a Letter to a Friend


Legendary Indian political leader known for his non-violent style of protest GANDHI handwritten letter written during the negotiation that ended civil disobedience in India. The letter was written on April 29th, 1931. Gandhi had been released from Prison just 3 months prior for his participation in the Salt March. This letter was also written while Gandhi was negotiating with the Viceroy of India to end of his civil disobedience campaigns. An excellent handwritten letter entirely in the hand of Gandhi from a pivotal time in his life. 


Sale includes accompanying original LOA from the highly-respected James Spence Authentication (JSA) who have thoroughly examined the document and certify its authenticity. UNCONDITIONALLY GUARANTEED GENUINE. 


Gandhi writes: (Translated from Guajarati to English) 

"Chi. Champa,
I had received your letter. With reference to both of you, at different locations, I have been writing letters. (I had) even sent a Telegram. 
Its not necessary to go to Rangoon. Keep writing to me.
Bapu’s blessings


Gandhi signs the letter "Bapu" meaning father. Gandhi is commonly, though not formally, considered the father of the nation of India and was commonly called Bapu. This is how he chose to sign the majority of his personal correspondence. 


Letter measures approximately 5" x 6". Page has been professionally conserved and restored by the Sr. Conservator at the National Archives. Some areas of paper loss filled; toning throughout. 


Sold as is, as shown.

MAHATMA GANDHI * JSA * Autograph Handwritten Letter Signed Peace Negotiations

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