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Excellent Content Louis Pasteur Handwritten and Signed Letter Testing his Vaccine for Pigs. 
French chemist and microbiologist renowned for his discoveries of the principles of vaccination, microbial fermentation and pasteurization, LOUIS PASTEUR, handwritten and signed letter researching and testing a vaccine for swine erysipelas. Swine Erysipelas is one of just four diseases Pasteur was able to successfully create a vaccine for. Pasteur writes to veterinarian Achille Maucuer who helped Pasteur research and create the vaccine for pigs. Excellent content regarding Pasteur's study of vaccination. 
In the letter Pasteur reassures his colleague that he is still studying the disease and is "moving forward", he then asks for the various average weights of healthy pigs from 4-8 months of age. It seems he was already testing out an early iteration of his vaccine as surmised by the last line of this letter which instructs Maucuer, "If the disease reappears, please inform me without delay". Just five months later in March 1883 Pasteur identified the culprit of the disease as a highly virulent bacterium, now called Erysipelothrix rhusiopathiae. This vaccine Pasteur created was then widely used. From 1886 to 1892, more than 100,000 pigs were vaccinated in France. 
>>> UNCONDITIONALLY GUARANTEED AUTHENTIC! This autograph has been certified authentic and slabbed by the industry experts at PSA/DNA. <<<

Encapsulate measures 13.25” x 9.75”. Letter measures approx. 8"x5.25". One strip of toning along left edge, mailing folds, otherwise in near-mint condition. A well preserved example of Pasteur's research on vaccines. 


Pasteur Writes in full [translated French to English]: 
“Paris 17 Oct. 1882
I'm always studying mullet and I'm moving forward. I need some information: what is the average weight of pigs at the age of 4, 5, 6, 7 months, when they are well fed and in good health, finally under normal conditions. If the disease reappears, please inform me without delay...
[signed] L. Pasteur
45. Rue D Ulm"

Own a remarkable, museum-quality piece of medical history! The perfect gift for the medical professional, autograph enthusiast, or History buff. 


Sold as is, as shown.

LOUIS PASTEUR * PSA/DNA * Autograph Letter Testing His Vaccine for Pigs Signed

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