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Original Hand-Signed Mourning Letter Signed by King George VI, sent to families of KIA soldiers during WWII.


More than 383,000 British Military personnel died over the course of World War II. When a British subject died at War their family would receive a sympathy card with a facsimile signature of George VI. As you can imagine hundreds of thousands of these cards were sent out to heartbroken families bearing the facsimile signature of King George.


Here we are offering one of the hand-signed originals which was sent to the Royal printer to create those facsimiles. This particular original was marked “For European and Indian British subjects in India” and had 5,000 copies reproduced. King George writes in this letter “We pray that your Country’s gratitude for a life so noble given in its service may bring you some measure of consolation”.


These were purchased as part of a larger collection of originals sent by the Royal Family to Messrs Harrison & Sons, the Royal Printer. See reference picture.


Signature has been reviewed by JSA who thoroughly examined the signature to make sure it was hand-signed live ink. JSA LOA included.

KING GEORGE VI * JSA * Signed Autograph Letter Sent to Family of KIA Soldiers

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