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Sixth President of the United States of America JOHN QUINCY ADAMS entirely handwritten letter by Adams signed with his desirable full signature as "John Quincy Adams". The letter is dated June 7th, 1819 and sent to "T. H. Hubbard Esqr.". Adams writes during his tenure as Secretary of State under James Monroe. In the letter Adams sends an up to date account of money owed to him from the "estate of the late Justus B. Smith". A handsome letter from the future president comprised of approx. 96 handwritten words, numerical values, and abbreviations in John Quincy Adams hand.


The letter is addressed to Thomas Hill Hubbard a twice elected member of the US House of Representatives representing New York's 17th district. Hubbard was also a founder of Hamilton college. It is apparent from our research that the aforementioned debtor "Justus B. Smith" had been in debt to Adams since as early as January of 1804. In the letter the diligence and careful calculation of President Adams shines through as he collects what is owed to him nearly 15 years later. It's no wonder that a decade later when he left office as President he had decreased the national debt by over 25 million dollars.