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6th and 13th President's of the United States JOHN QUINCY ADAMS & MILLARD FILLMORE hand signed page framed with other signers from Fillmore's cabinet. Also comes with second framed page with other important and notable historical figures such as JOHN C. CALHOUN, HENRY CLAY, and others. All autographs were obtained by former House of Representatives member Alexander Randall of Maryland and comes with his handwritten provenance.

Provenance is on the second frame to the left and reads:
A. Randall respectfully presents to Major Henry these autographs procured by him at his request. 9th March 1842.
This is the only example of Fillmore and Adams together that we could find and as such is being offered as a one-of-a-kind collectible. Don't miss your chance to add this historic gathering of signatures to your collection.
Both documents have been individually framed in a double sided display by a previous collector and are being sold as is, as shown.

JOHN QUINCY ADAMS & MILLARD FILLMORE + Others * Hand Signed Autograph Pages *

  • 1st Frame front left:
    George W. Summers (H.O.R. Member)
    John White (Speaker of the house)
    Henry A. Wise (Confederate General)
    William Cost Johnson (H.O.R. Member)
    1st frame front right:
    John Quincy Adams (6th President of the United States)
    John P. Kennedy (Millard Fillmore's Sec. of Navy)
    Francis Granger (Vice Presidential nominee)
    Daniel Barnard (H.O.R. member)
    Horace Everett (H.O.R. member)
    Millard Fillmore (13th President of the United States)
    1st frame left verso:
    John Botts (H.O.R. member)
    Dixon Hall Lewis (Largest man to ever serve in the senate)
    Robert Charles Winthrop (Speaker of the House)
    Alex H. H. Stuart (Millard Fillmore's secretary of the interior)
    Edward Stanly (H.O.R. member)
    1st Frame right verso:
    Joseph R. Underwood (H.O.R. member)
    Caleb Cushing (H.O.R member & attorney general)
    Thomas Gilmer (H.O.R. member & Secretary of the navy)
    Romulus Richard Saunders (H.O.R. member)
    James W. Williams (H.O.R member)
    John T. Mason (H.O.R. member, twice declined office of Attny General when offered by Thomas Jefferson and James Madison)
    Second frame right front:
    John C. Calhoun (John Quincy Adams Vice President)
    Thomas Hart Benton (H.O.R. member architect of manifest destiny)
    William C. Rives (H.O.R. member & Confederate congress member)
    [Unidentifiable] from New York
    John L. Kerr (H.O.R. member)
    Second frame verso)
    Henry Clay (J.Q. Adams Secretary of state, famous statesman)
    [Unidentifiable] of Georgia
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