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Legendary THE BEATLES musician and rock icon JOHN LENNON hand-written 6 lines of lyrics taken from a notebook used throughout 1961 shared by Lennon and former Beatle Stu Sutcliffe. Similar to some of his lyrics in I Am The Walrus, these lyrics are seemingly nonsensical and showcase Lennon's creative imagination. A fantastic opportunity to own handwritten lyrics from one of the most accredited songwriters in history!


Sale includes accompanying original LOA from the highly-respected James Spence Authentication (JSA) who have thoroughly examined the handwriting and certify its authenticity. UNCONDITIONALLY GUARANTEED GENUINE.

Lennon has written:
"Then all of the sudden
A great big man tree 
Says to them all 
'I am but a little
german in a big surprise
Christmas package"
Paul McCartney has given insight into interpretation of Lennon's poetry and lyrics "...There are bound to be thickheads who will wonder why some of it doesn't make sense, and others who will search for hidden meanings....None of it has to make sense and if it seems funny then that's enough".
All rights of reproduction reserved to the Estate of the late John Lennon.
Own a remarkable, original piece of Music history! The perfect gift for the entertainment collector, autograph enthusiast, or Beatles fan.
Sold as is, as shown.

JOHN LENNON * JSA LOA * Handwritten Autograph Prose Poem Lyrics * Not Signed

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