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Legendary martyred 35th President of the United States JOHN F. KENNEDY scarce AUTHENTIC 1942 USED GOLF BALL. Displayed in 15"x 9.5" frame from original auction, and AS FEATURED ON CNN.


This golf ball belonged to then Ensign John F. Kennedy when he was stationed in Charleston, South Carolina. In January 1942, JFK was assigned to an office at the Sixth Naval District, in Charleston, South Carolina. While there, he befriended Elijah N. Jones, who was a Lieutenant JG and head of the Office of Naval Intelligence field office. He and Kennedy roomed together and became golf partners and close friends until the President's death in 1963. The golf balls came into the possession of Mr. Jones while both he and JFK were stationed in South Carolina. The collection remained intact in the Jones family for over 70 years. However, the golf balls were auctioned off in 2016 and this is the only one to have resurfaced since then.


The collection this golf ball comes from has been featured on many reputable sources such as CNN, as displayed in the auction photos. CNN's report references a recent sale at RR in which a set of John Kennedy used golf set sold for over $30,000.


NOTE: Original auction paperwork is missing, item is priced accordingly. Ebay auction images are provided for reference only and are not included in the sale.



JOHN F. KENNEDY * Scarce Authentic JFK 1942 Used Golf Ball * President Autograph

  • The golf ball has remained in it's original auction framing to ensure its authenticity. It's set in a shadow box that also includes a picture of the entire original collection and an inscribed plaque stating its history. The shadow box overall measures 15 x 9.5 inches. Photos of letters between JFK and Mr. Jones are shown for buyers reference only.

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