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Martyred 20th President of the United States JAMES A. GARFIELD virtually unobtainable trimmed appointment SIGNED AS PRESIDENT. Document is dated May 19th 1881, exactly 44 days later Garfield would be mortally wounded by an assassin making him the second shortest serving American President in history. Garfield has signed this appointment with a large and bold 5.5" signature. 

Garfield lived to serve 199 days in office, two months of which he was rendered incapacitated, because of this any autographs from his administration are coveted and sought after by many collectors. Garfield's signature as President is also considered by many one of the rarest Presidential signatures to own.


CERTIFIED AUTHENTIC BY SIGNATURIST-INK EXPERT EXAMINATION. Unconditionally GUARANTEED GENUINE to pass any reputable third-party authentication service - or your money back.
Item was originally purchased from respected manuscript dealers Swann Auction Galleries. Upon purchase buyer will receive the original orange envelope with lot sticker.
The full document measures appx. 8x23, with some foxing and vertical folds, in exceptionally good condition for being almost 140 years old. Item also comes with an antique portrait of Garfield. Document does fold down to 8x15 when blank sections are folded in. 

Own a remarkable, original piece of American history! The perfect gift for the Presidential collector, autograph enthusiast, or History buff. A must have addition to any collection.


Sold as is, as shown.


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