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Legendary martyred 35th President of the United States JAMES A. GARFIELD personally OWNED BOOK from the Presidents library. Almost certainly gifted to Garfield by the Chief of the Warrants commission.

The Support of the Government, Washington, Government Printing Office, 1874. Treasury Department- Warrant Division Made by The Third Session of the Forty-Second Congress and on Account of Permanent and Indefinite Appropriations. 9.5 x 12" highly decorative and impressive  bound book.


Quarter leather spine with leather corners, and paper boards with decorative faux marbled silk design, which repeats along the entire outer page block. James Garfield's personal bookplate affixed to the front paste down. A second bookplate is affixed to the front fly which reads "Chas. F Conant", who was the chief of the warrants division. Near fine with slight rubbing.


Obtained through purchase from UNIVERSITY ARCHIVES, one of the industry's most respected antiques and auction houses. Includes a Certificate of Authenticity from University Archives.


Includes detailing accounting of the expenses and salaries of all governmental positions. Extremely apropos as the book was personally owned by Garfield who was responsible, as Appropriations Committee chairman, for shepherding the legislative appropriations bill called "Salary Grab Act" through the House; during the debate in February 1873. This 'Act" would cause riots in the streets today, and even then caused public outcry. This unprecedented event is shown as pushing through 50 % pay increases to all members of Congress in 1873 . retroactively to 1871. And in addition doubled the salary of the President to $50,000 (which can be seen in this book as the Presidential salary).


SIGNATURIST-INK is the trusted dealer of many museums, libraries and historical collections having helped procure documents and artifacts for the likes of THE FRED W. SMITH NATIONAL LIBRARY FOR THE STUDY OF GEORGE WASHINGTON at Mount Vernon, the WILLIAM McKINLEY PRESIDENTIAL LIBRARY & MUSEUM, and the JOHN MARSHALL HOUSE Museum.


Museum quality artifacts from the life of the Presidents, including James Garfield are exceedingly scarce, and seldom available on the open market. Don't miss this rare, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to own an original investment-quality heirloom antique from one of our country's most revered icons and legendary leaders.

Sold as is, as shown.

JAMES A. GARFIELD * Personally OWNED BOOK with the Presidents Bookplate * 1874

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