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"Then and there I made up my mind that I will never go anywhere’s without my pistol."


Lee Harvey Oswald’s killer and infamous Dallas nightclub owner, JACK RUBY, remarkable unsigned 9 pages of handwritten notes in pencil from prison explaining why he was carrying a gun on the morning of November 24, 1963 – the day he shot Oswald. 


Ruby was initially handed the death sentence by a Texas jury but won an appeal for retrial. At the time in Texas there were only 2 degrees of murder. "Murder with malice" carried the death sentence, but "murder without malice" carried a maximum of five years in jail. The difference was determined by whether the murder was premeditated. A key sticking point for the prosecution was that Jack Ruby premeditated the murder by carrying a gun into the police station. In preparation for the new trial and in an effort to escape the death sentence, Ruby began working on these notes explaining why he had a gun on him that day – however, he would die in prison before he had a chance to plead his case.


Ruby’s notes come from the personal collection of his brother, Earl, who has signed in red felt tip over text in provenance of the notes. Nine pages in all, 6” x 4”, no date.


Ruby had testified before the Warren Commission that the thought of killing Oswald had not occurred to him until he was already nearby the police station, having gone downtown to send a money order to an employee.


CERTIFIED AUTHENTIC BY PSA/DNA AUTHENTICATION SERVICES EXPERT EXAMINATION. UNCONDITIONALLY GUARANTEED GENUINE – quite simply one of the finest JFK assassination-related documents available on the market. 


So, how did Ruby come to be carrying a gun that fateful day in November, 1963? In his notes, he describes a close call with trouble. In part (spelling and grammar retained): 

“One evening at the Carousel I get a call from a fellow who was a friend of Kathy Kay…he tells me a story that there is a party going on in his apartment, and that if I would like to come up after I close the club, and he said be sure to invite Kathy and Millie…I asked are these going to be nice fellows and girls, and he said yes, I tried to pump as to who will be there and he said that I didn’t know these people, and I said are they nice people and he said yes. Very rarely do I ever accept invitations to any party’s, because as a rule I don’t have any fun and before the evening is over the girls inevitably get to talking with me about the business and we get into a hassle…I accept the invitation against my better judgement, and I sent the girls ahead. I finally arrive there at the Picadilly after about an hour later, and I knock on the door and much to my surprise the persons I would never want to run into in a dark alley. Two of the biggest burly fellows that I’ve had static with at the Vegas Club many times. Then and there I made up my mind that I will never go anywhere’s without my pistol. They each must weigh at 220 lbs. and they are the vicious type. One of the fellows brother I’ve had some very bad moments at my club. His name is Paul Carter and sometime back was shot in the stomach by a woman named Betty…As soon as I sat down I remarked that I only wanted to show my respects and drop by for a few moments, naturally that had upset these fellows plans. I definitely had made up my mind that I wasn’t going to stay…I really thought we may have trouble trying to get out of there…In the meantime, the accountant friend of Kathy’s suggested I go over to the next building being built, where there may be the opportunity of taking over the private club. This had given me the excuse to leave the apt. and we both walked out of the apartment, I used some excuse to go to the car, hence I went and taken the pistol out of the trunk of the car, without this person seeing me…Returned to the apt. and as soon as I returned I asked the girls what they were going to do and they received the hint and they said they were going, and the look on these fellows were all in anger, but luckily if I didn’t have the pistol in my pocket and hadn’t felt that I would be on the offensive they would have succeeded in keeping the girls there. When we left the building Kathy told how that before I got to the apt. that these fellows told her what they would like to do with me etc. I scolded her why she didn’t call me and inform me of what they had said so I wouldn’t have walked into a trap.” 


In fine condition, with minimal wear from storage and handling.


A similar set of notes written by Ruby in preparation for his new trial sold at RR Auction in 2013 for $4,165. 


Own an incredible, original piece of American history! The perfect addition to any collection!


Sold as is, as shown.

JACK RUBY * PSA * AUTOGRAPH Notes Why He Had Pistol to Shoot Oswald SIGNED * JFK

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