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An official United States Senate copy of the certification of electoral votes for the 1944 presidential election signed by President FRANKLIN D. ROOSEVELT & HARRY TRUMAN, as well as Roosevelt's previous Vice-President HENRY WALLACE, Speaker of the House SAM RAYBURN, Congressman LEWIS DESCHELER and the tellers of both houses of Congress. A document of this caliber is seldom seen available on the public market. Almost all the Presidential vote certifications are held by government institutions, and no other copies that we are aware of bear the signature of any of the Presidential and Vice-Presidential winners. This document appears to stand alone as the only one of its kind. 


This historic document certifies FDR's landslide victory in his unprecedented 4th term election, a feat never again repeatable under the 22nd amendment setting Presidential term limits to two elections. The 1944 election also notably took place during the heat of World War II. Roosevelt would subsequently die in office a little over a year into his fourth term in 1945 making this document among one of his last autographs as President (as evidence by his increasingly frail signature).


During FDR's nomination for the 1944 election there was concern over Roosevelt's health and as such additional focus was placed on the Vice-Presidential pick. During the nomination process Roosevelt's previous Vice-President from his first 3 terms Henry A. Wallace was replaced by Harry Truman for the 1944 election. This decision ultimately led to the 1944 election appointing two Presidents – FDR and Truman, who became President upon Roosevelt's death in 1945. This document is significant piece of American history documenting the most important cornerstone in our democracy – a fair and free election, as well as the succession of the Presidency.


Interestingly, the 1944 election was not the last time Harry Truman would face off against New York Governor Thomas Dewey. In 1948, Truman ran for election versus Dewey (this time as the Presidential candidate on the ticket). Truman was highly anticipated to lose the 1948 Presidential election, leading to the Chicago Tribune running the headline "Dewey Defeats Truman". Truman ultimately won the election in a shocking upset victory leading to the iconic photo of him holding up the "Dewey Defeats Truman" headline. 

Sale includes accompanying original LOA from the highly-respected James Spence Authentication (JSA) who have thoroughly examined the document and certify its authenticity. UNCONDITIONALLY GUARANTEED GENUINE. This document was additionally reviewed and researched by the National Archives.



This document originates from the collection of Eugene Worley, one of the Tellers of the House who certified the 1944 election. His name has been scrawled in the bottom left corner of the document, likely as an indicator that this copy was meant for him personally. Being that tellers were one of the select few who had access to this type of document and politicians like FDR it seems impossible to imagine any other copy like this one. 


Document measures approx. 11.5"x 27.5" on official watermarked U.S. Government Printing Office paper. Some staining to the right margin of the document, 3 vertical folds, toning to overall document. 


Sold as is, as shown.

FRANKLIN D ROOSEVELT & HARRY TRUMAN * Signed Electoral Senate Vote Autograph JSA

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