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Historic pioneer of modern nursing FLORENCE NIGHTINGALE handwritten cut signature, boldly signed "Florence Nightingale" likely clipped from the closing of a letter. 


FLORENCE NIGHTINGALE (1820 –1910) was a famed British Nurse, social reformer, and statistician. She is best known for her role in the Crimean War where she was essential to caring for many of the wounded soldiers. During the war Nightingale would visit the wounded at night caring with her a lamp she thus gained the nickname "The Lady with the Lamp". Throughout her life Nightingale published many works that helped pave the way for modern nursing today. She also cemented herself as one of the most memorable figures of the Victorian era. Florence was also a founding member of the British red cross and to this day International Nurses day is celebrated on her birthday, in her honor. 



NOTE:  All SIGNATURIST-INK displays feature archivally mounted documents. This acid-free museum-grade mounting tape releases safely with simply a drop of water.


A handsome and impressive addition to the den or office of the Crimean War buff, Nurse, or autograph collector. An exceptional investment opportunity, and a truly rare and remarkable find.  


GUARANTEED GENUINE - simply one of the finest Nigthingale documents available on the market!


 Sold as is, as shown. 

FLORENCE NIGHTINGALE * Desirable HAND SIGNED Cut Autograph * Crimean War Nurse

  • Elegantly framed and archivally matted to custom-made, ornate  11” x 14” black and bronze accented frame. Gorgeous PH-neutral purple fabric mat with descriptive brass plaque and featuring highly-detailed archival reproduction cabinet card 

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