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Legendary author and outdoorsman ERNEST HEMINGWAY handwritten autograph letter to his best friend Charles Thompson with bonus original hand-addressed mailing envelope and partial second signature.


Charles Thompson was the owner of a marine hardware store in Key West, an avid outdoorsman, and one of the few men who ever out-shot his friend, Hemingway. Most importantly, Thompson was the inspiration for Hemingway's character of 'Old Karl' in his literary classic, "The Green Hills of Africa".


Fantastic, humorous, chatty, classic Hemingway content in letter and envelope citing Havana, Africa, his beloved Key West – and of course, drinking!


"Enroute / Havana Special
(Nearing Savannah)

Dear Dr.
Don't forget your measurements!

Enclosed is the 35 seeds - thanks ever so much - We had a good time all right + I felt like a shyte saddling you with all those things to carry and ship. There was a drawing of Waldo's too - you can keep it or put it in the photo book. 

Been raining all the time - no mosquitoes but carried away with frogs shrilling.

Drink up all the wine. Sully can help you - get plent