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Remarkable General and 34th U.S. President DWIGHT D. EISENHOWER HANDWRITTEN RE-ELECTION SPEECH *AS PRESIDENT* on the back of "Confidential Memorandum for the President" WHITE HOUSE STATIONERY. Also signed TLS by his speech writer Emmet J. Hughes.

PLEASE NOTE : This draft his handwritten by Eisenhower and WAS USED ON LIVE TV (September 19th, 1956) to kick off his RE-ELECTION CAMPAIGN.

Eisenhower handwritten draft reads:

“Tonight, I ask the privilege of coming to you have asked to come hope I may talk with quietly into your homes- to talk with you free of the distractions normal to any most meetings during a political campaign. The matters I have in mind are serious ones they are too for all of us; they affect us our present and our future. They are the problems…” The President also adds a doodle of a kite.

On September 19th, 1956, Eisenhower incorporates parts of this draft into his re-election speech which was broadcast on both television and radio saying,

“Tonight I ask the privilege of coming quietly into your homes to talk with you on some serious national subjects--without the noise and extravagance usual during a political campaign. I want to talk of one word--and of many things. The word is--Peace. And the many things are its many and momentous meanings,” (Speech can be found by copying and pasting into google).

Many Presidential speeches are saved and archived in Presidential Libraries, very few see the market and even fewer end up in a private collection. Lincoln's 1864 re-election speech fetched 3.44 Million dollars when it came to auction in 2009. Don't miss this rare opportunity to get such an important piece of American History.


Own a remarkable, original piece of American history! The perfect gift for the Presidential collector, military devotee, autograph enthusiast, or History buff. A must have addition to the Executive Office, den, or "Man Cave".


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