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Legendary Apollo 16 astronaut and Lunar Module Pilot Charles "Charlie" Duke handwritten account of his historic Apollo 16 mission. Titled "Reflections of a Lunar Voyager" and signed in March of 2000, Duke hand-pens and signs his lengthy account of the Apollo 16 mission and adds "Apollo 16 moon walker" after his signature. Just a small quantity of these handwritten letters were ever created.


Item is double certified by both JSA and RR Auctions. Full LOA from the experts at JSA who have thoroughly examined this document, as well as COA from RR Auction. Comes with original photo of Mr. Duke holding one of the copies of "Relections of a Lunar Voyager" flanked by two stacks of the manuscripts. 


Duke hand-writes in full:
"Reflections of a Lunar Voyager
In April, 1972, my life changed forever as I found myself riding a Saturn V rocket into the heavens aboard Apollo 16, mankind's fifth successful lunar landing mission.
On April 20th, John Young and I landed our Lunar Module 'Orion' on the moon's dusty soil. Several hours later, I emerged to become only the 10th human being in history to ever stand on another world!
We spent the next three days living on the moon, and exploring the ancient Descartes Highlands in our Lunar Rover. Although the moon is totally lifeless, its beauty was incredible! The surface was colored mostly in shades of gray, and covered with lunar dust that was as fine as powder.
Looking up into the lunar sky, I beheld the blue and white jewel of Earth. What a sight!
It was a humbling experience to ponder the thought that I was one of only twelve human beings to ever experience this truly fantastic adventure!
The epic voyages of Apollo marked a turning point in human history, when mankind first departed our earthly island home, and began the long journey to the stars!
March, 2000
Apollo 16 Moon Walker
Charles M. Duke Jr."


GUARANTEED GENUINE - simply one of the finest investment-quality, authentically-signed Charlie Duke autographs currently available on the market!


Autograph and letter are in pristine condition.


Sold as is, as shown.

CHARLIE DUKE * JSA LOA * Lunar Voyager Autograph Letter Signed * Apollo 16

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