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A one-of-a-kind piece of aviation history!


Incredible NASA worker's jacket signed by 70 astronauts including likely the last signatures of the Crew of STS-51-L (Challenger Disaster). Others like Moonwalker John Young, Apollo era astronauts James McDivitt & Ken Mattingly, first American woman in space Sally Ride, and notables like Jack Lousma, Vance Brand and dozens more have signed the jacket.

All autographs were obtained by a NASA worker from the OPF (Orbiter Processing Facility) who would have astronauts sign her jacket before they boarded their shuttles. These are almost certainly the last signatures of the Challenger crew as they checked into the shuttle before the disaster.

CERTIFIED AUTHENTIC - Sale includes accompanying original COA from the highly-respected JSA (James Spence Authentication) who have thoroughly examined the autographs and certify its authenticity.

This jacket has been signed by the complete crews of multiple shuttle missions including STS-1, STS-2, STS-3, STS-4, STS-5, STS-7, STS-8, and STS-51-L.

List of signers below see numbered picture for reference.
1. Christa McAuliffe
2. Judy Resnik
3. Mike Smith
4. Ronald McNair
5. Dick Scobee
6. Greg Jarvis
7. Ellison Onizuka 
8. John Young
9. Bob Crippen
10. Joe Engle
11. Richard Trully
12. Jack Lousma 
13. Gordon Fullerton
14. Joe Allen
15. Vance Brand 
16. William Lenoir 
17. Bob Overmyer
18. Ken Mattingly
19. Henry Hartsfield 
20. Sally Ride
21. Fredrick Hauck
22. John Fabian
23. Norman Thagard 
24. Daniel Brandenstein
25. Guion Bluford
26. Dale Gardner 
27. William Thornton
28. Brewster Shaw
29. Owen Garriott
31. Ulf Merbold
32. Byron Lichtenberg
33. Robert  Gibson
34. Robert Stewart 
35. Mike Coats 
36. Stephen Hawley 
37.  David Walker
38. Anna Lee Fisher
39. Loren Shriver
40. Donald Williams
41. Fredrick Gregory
42. Shannon Lucid
43. Roy Bridges
44. Karl Henize 
45. John Creighton
46. John M. Lounge 
47. David Hilmers 
48. Bonnie Dunbar
49. Bryan O’Connor 
50. Jerry L. Ross
51. Mary L. Cleave
52. Woody Spring
53. Charles Bolden
54. Franklin Chang Diaz
55. Bill Shepard
56. James Mcdivitt
57. Sonny Carter
58. Tom Henricks  
59. Kathy Thornton
60. Joseph Kerwin
61. Mike Lampton
62. Carl Meade 
63. James Bagian
64. James Bagian
65. Marsha Ivins
66 Wubbo Ockels
67 Richard Richards
68 Steven Oswald
69 Frank Culbertson
70. Jerome Apt

Condition: Jacket is in fine overall shape for age, signatures are very bold and clean, some discoloration to the inside lining of the jacket (not affecting signatures) as shown.

GUARANTEED GENUINE - simply one of the finest NASA items available on the market. 

A handsome and impressive addition to any collection, an excellent gift idea. An exceptional investment opportunity, and a truly rare and remarkable find. 

Sold as is, as shown.

CHALLENGER STS-51L * JSA LOA * Autograph Crew Signed Jacket * 70 Astronauts

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