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Historic APOLLO 7 mission flown flag obtained directly from the personal collection of WALTER CUNNINGHAM the Lunar Module Pilot (LMP) of the mission. The 4"x6" American flag is signed and inscribed across the lower white stripe "Carried with me on Apollo 7 Walter Cunningham". The flag is attached to a certificate depicting the three mission crew members with information about the historic flight. Comes with a certificate of authenticity directly from WALTER CUNNINGHAM who certifies the flag was carried up with him on the Apollo 7 mission. 

UNCONDITIONALLY GUARANTEED AUTHENTIC. Item was obtained directly from the astronauts personal collection and is CERTIFIED AUTHENTIC BY WALT CUNNINGHAM on both the flag itself and the Certificate of Authenticity document. 

This flag traveled 4,500,000 miles in space on the Apollo 7 mission which was the historic first manned Apollo flight. This flag remained in space for 11 days during the historic mission which lasted from October 11 - 22, 1968. 

Mission flown items from early Apollo missions such as Apollo 7 are extremely rare. Astronauts only began to take significant amounts of items with them aboard later flights such as Apollo 17. 

Both the flag and Certificate of Authenticity are in near-mint condition.

The SIGNATURIST-INK has dealt in dozens of APOLLO autograph items, authenticated across the board by respected names such as PSA/DNA, JSA, and ZARELLI SPACE, and is one of the most respected and trusted sellers of Apollo autographs. 

A remarkable investment quality addition to a museum, the executive office, or for the space collector and aviation fan.


Sold as is, as shown.

APOLLO 7 * Walt Cunningham Personal Collection Signed FLOWN US Flag * Autograph

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