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Final mission to the moon, Apollo 17 mission flown AMERICAN FLAG CARRIED TO THE LUNAR SURFACE BY ASTRONAUT GENE CERNAN. Item is accompanied by a copy of original letter from Cernan and Evans gifting the flag to NASA employee and Protocol Officer Edward Barker, also accompanied on this letter is a note signed by Barker reading "Given to me by Gene Cernan - personal kit - Apollo 17. In his suit while on the moon". Barker then signs his statement. 

This same flag was previously sold by Heritage Auctions in 2015 and fetched $11,250.
This flag was first brought to market by Regency Superior Stamp and Coin auction in 1999 and still has the original auction tags. Regency Superior's long time space expert Michael Orenstein has noted at the bottom of the photocopy "This copy was made by me in the presence of Paul Carpenter [the original purchaser] at Superior in October 2000, it is a true copy of the original documents received by me from the estate of the recipient of the flag, Mr. Ed Barker, a former NASA Employee, now deceased". It is then signed by Orenstein.
The 4"x6" flow flag is in good condition, no previous signs of mounting.
SIGNATURIST-INK is the trusted dealer of many museums, libraries and historical collections having helped procure documents and artifacts for the likes of THE FRED W. SMITH NATIONAL LIBRARY FOR THE STUDY OF GEORGE WASHINGTON at Mount Vernon, the WILLIAM McKINLEY PRESIDENTIAL LIBRARY & MUSEUM, and the JOHN MARSHALL HOUSE Museum.
Museum quality artifacts from the space race, especially flown flags are exceedingly scarce, and seldom available on the open market. Don't miss this rare, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to own an original investment-quality heirloom antique from one of our country's most defining moments in history.
Sold as is, as shown.

APOLLO 17 * Lunar Surface Flown Flag * NASA Employee Provenance * Gene Cernan

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