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From the personal collection of NBC executive Donald Meaney, comes one of the select few items that were FLOWN TO THE LUNAR SURFACE on the Apollo 12 mission. This United States patch was one of six total flag patches which astronaut Charles Conrad had carried to the lunar surface for a friend at NBC news. This patch flew with Apollo 12 from start to finish and spent over 31 hours on the lunar surface while the crew preformed experiments and explored the surface.
This flag patch is part of a set of 6 flag patches Charles Conrad had carried for NBC news correspondent Jay Barbee. Conrad inscribed a card for Barbee asserting he had taken items to the lunar surface for him. Barbee gifted this patch to NBC executive Donald Meaney and documented its provenance with a fantastic notarized letter of provenance. Included with the sale is the original large format Letter of Provenance and COPIES of the original smaller notarized letter of provenance, signed note from Conrad to Barbee, and correspondence discussing the patches between Barbee and Meaney. Exceptionally provenanced and further certified authentic and encapsulated by CAG!
This patch has been authenticated and encapsulated by the experts at CAG. Collectibles Authentication Guaranty (CAG) preserves the authenticity and provenance of collectibles, memorabilia and estate items at the source.
A remarkable investment quality addition to a museum, the executive office, or for the space collector and aviation fan.
Sold as is, as shown.

APOLLO 12 * CAG * Lunar Surface Flown Flag Patch Carried by Charles Conrad

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