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Mexican politician and military leader Antonio López de Santa Anna hand-signed letter AS PRESIDENT of Mexico. On very desirable "Presidente De La Republica" letterhead featuring a vignette of the Mexican coat of arms. Santa Anna writes to his friend and future Minister of Finance Antonio de Haro y Tamariz. Tamariz later went on to betray Santa Anna and oust the dictator.
CERTIFIED AUTHENTIC AND SLABBED BY BECKETT Authentication Services EXPERT EXAMINATION. GUARANTEED GENUINE - simply one of the finest QUEEN ELIZABETH II documents available on the market.
The recipient of this letter Anotnio De Haro Y Tamariz was born to an economically well off family. Tamariz who was originally friends with Santa Anna betrayed him and was an unsuccessful contender for power following Santa Anna’s downfall in 1855.  He then refused to recognize the authority of the provisional president, Carrera and supported a different contender.  Eventually he was arrested and accused of a conspiracy to establish an empire for himself. He was freed from custody on the way to the San Juan de Ulúa prison. From there he turned against the government to lead a conservative-clerical rebellion which held Puebla for two months in early 1856. After military defeat by his former schoolmate, Ignacio Comonfort, Haro escaped to Europe, squandered a fortune of 600,000 pesos in three years, and then returned (out of financial necessity) with the French army in 1862. 
The letter reads [translated to English]:
"April 9, 1842 
Sr D. Antonio de Haro y Tamariz 
My Dear friend, 
In response to your appreciated letter of the 3rd of this month, I say that today I have asked the Ministry of Finance for the accounts that you rendered during the time of your employment in that city agency of the Bank of amortization for your examination and approval as you wish. 
I give thanks for your unity about the blow (injury) my wife and girls suffered upon their entry into this city. They are all well and appreciate your disposition, as your very profound friend, who wishes you happiness and BSM. 
A. L. Sta Anna"
The letter is postmarked on the address panel. Remnants of the original red wax seal exist. Some areas of staining smoothed folds. 1 small hole punch towards the center right of the document. Document is in exact condition pictured.
Sold as is, as shown.

ANTONIO LOPEZ DE SANTA ANNA * Beckett BAS * Autograph Letter Signed As President

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