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American soldier, statesman and 7th President of the United States ANDREW JACKSON handwritten envelope panel AS PRESIDENT concerning PIRATES! Jackson has endorsed his note with his initials as simply, "A.J."


Includes the ORIGINAL letter addressed to President Jackson by his Attorney General BENJAMIN F. BUTLER who writes, "I have searched my pamphlets and cannot find the report at the trial of the Pirates..."


Jackson and Butler's correspondence likely refers to the 1834 trial of convicted pirates De Ruiz and De Soto who had been sentenced to death by hanging for piracy in one of the most sensational high-profile trials of the day.


CERTIFIED AUTHENTIC BY SIGNATURIST-INK EXPERT EXAMINATION. Unconditionally GUARANTEED GENUINE to pass any reputable third-party authentication service - or your money back. Includes original COA from the highly respected autograph and document dealer, THE WRITTEN WORD.
Both the letter and the autograph panel have been previously mounted to lightweight card stock by a 19th century collector.