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Typed letter on desirable "National Aeronautic Association" letterhead signed by Earhart at the conclusion. The only letter we can find where Earhart openly discusses her crash landing, a true treasure considering her mysterious crash and disappearance over the Pacific a few years later. 


The letter is dated June 29th, 1931, 17 days earlier Earhart had crashed an Autogiro (predecessor of the helicopter) narrowly avoiding crashing into onlookers and instead plunging into parked cars. This led to an official reprimand from Colonel Clarence Young of the Aeronautics Branch of the US Dept of Commerce which was published in the NY Times on June 20th. The reprimand cited Earhart's actions as "pilot recklessness". 


In the letter Earhart explains to Clarence Young she is "as sorry as can be about the whole incident", she goes on to discuss that she has not made any criticism of the Department of Commerce for the "'reprimand'". Earhart closes the letter by stating "Eventually I should like to talk over with you the fundamentals this situation seems to bring out".


The Earhart letter is housed in a acid-free Mylar sleeve to prevent acidification and is framed behind UF3-AR Plexiglas which blocks approximately 94% of ultraviolet light. Overall frame measures approx. 30"x20". Letter measures approx 8.5"x6.75". Letter can be shipped with or without frame, price is the same. JSA certified.

Amelia Earhart Signed Letter Apologizing After Crashing an Aircraft

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