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Famed American aviation pioneer AMELIA EARHART scarce full signature autograph on the reverse of a book photo encapsulated inside PSA/DNA's proprietary sonically-sealed slab. Earhart signs with a scarce full signature as "Amelia M. Earhart" on the reverse blank side.


In the photo, Earhart is shown returning from her 1928 history-making Trans-Atlantic flight aboard the ocean liner, "SS President Roosevelt". Earhart became the first female passenger to cross the Atlantic by airplane, for which she achieved international celebrity status.


>>> UNCONDITIONALLY GUARANTEED AUTHENTIC! This autograph has been certified authentic and slabbed by the industry experts at PSA/DNA. <<< 


Earhart is among the most prized, yet also most commonly-forged autographs for sale. Assure yourself of authenticity by purchasing an autograph that has already been reviewed and authenticated by the experts.

Photo page has been previously removed from Earhart's book 20 Hrs. 40 Min. Photo is very attractive with excellent eye appeal. 


Holder measures 6.5" x 10", signed page measures 6.5"x5". Simply one of the finest investment-quality, authentically-signed Earhart items currently available on the market!

Own a remarkable, original piece of history! The perfect gift for the autograph enthusiast, stamp collector, aviation fan or History buff. A must have addition to any collection.

Sold as is, as shown.

AMELIA EARHART * PSA/DNA * AUTOGRAPH Full Signature Photo SIGNED Trans-Atlantic

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