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Famed American aviation pioneer AMELIA EARHART (1897 - 1937) genuine fabric swatch from her beloved Lockheed Vega 5B. This fabric removed from the plane's skin was flown during her nonstop solo flight across the Atlantic. 


Please note: We have 10 available, the swatches are all the same size although you may not receive the exact swatch pictured.


The original fabric displays were originally issued in a limited quantity by the Smithsonian Institute in the 1970's to help pay for the plane's restoration at the National Air and Space Museum.  These Limited Edition swatches are taken directly from the original Smithsonian displays and have been authenticated and encapsulated by the experts at CAG. Collectibles Authentication Guaranty (CAG) preserves the authenticity and provenance of collectibles, memorabilia and estate items at the source.


NOTE: The Earhart fabric artifact you will receive is the exact one shown, and retains much of the plane's original distinctive red color. Fabric swatch measures approx. 0.5" x 0.5"


Since they were offered up for sale in the 1970's, many of the pieces of Earhart's Vega 5B have remained in collections and museums, they are seldom offered up for auction so don't miss your chance to acquire a piece of this historic artifact.
Sold as is, as shown.

AMELIA EARHART * CAG * Original Flown Vega 5B Fabric * ex: Smithsonian Institute

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