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Legendary theoretical physicist ALBERT EINSTEIN partial handwritten letter to Anna Besso and Michele Besso the THEORY OF RELATIVITY CO-DISCOVERER. Sent from Berlin on March 11, 1918 - nearly 350 words, abbreviations, and numbers all in the hand of EINSTEIN. 

Remarkably, Einstein even contemplates the possibility of his own death. Boldly signed in text on the front (at the bottom right) as "Albert". 
Einstein takes care of his children and soon to be divorced wife while living with his mistress. 
Composed entirely in German, the front half translates approximately to :

"Dear Anna!

I am very thankful to you for the letter with the detailed statement of account. That was again the good, loyal Anna I have learnt to know and hold in high regard for 22 years.

Now I have complete faith again that everything is done correctly and properly. You'll see that it's good to drive (a carriage with me). Firstly, I recognize that under the circumstances continuing with 6000 fr. is unthinkable. We will calculate with 8000 fr. I am going to send the money to you from now on, since you are sending the accounts now * [something was crossed out here mentioning a sum of 500fr.]

After a long period of thinking and talking to my highly valued medical doctor, my perception has now changed. But the most important thing remains, that definitive conditions need to be created, so that these persistent agitations will stop. I now think following the solution is best: Albert comes..."


The verso of the letter reads, approximately:


" that his prospects of overcoming the disease are as favorable as possible. My doctor says he spent his life in mild weather. He must live in a relatively germ-free climate; otherwise he would, in the opinion of the doctor, as a hereditary tuberculosis, be at the mercy of a certain early death. [Zangger?] Did not want to tell me this directly, to spare me; but it is good that I know it. I realize that under such circumstances I have to take care of the present. IF I DIE EARLY, AND THE CHILDREN ARE NOT SUFFICIENTLY CARED FOR, THIS IS UNFORTUNATE MISFORTUNE. Incidentally, I am in much better health. This is shown by the fact that my weight has increased from 127 to 132 pounds in recent weeks. The long time lying and the careful diet helped. In June, I'm going to Switzerland and will stay two months in length - probably on the [Rigi?]. The luck is that my position allows me to do so..."


Please note: Pencil notations ARE NOT in the hand of Albert Einstein. 


The full document measures appx. 6.5"x5.5", with some toning and vertical folds, in exceptionally good condition for being over 100 years old. 

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Own a remarkable, original piece of history! The perfect gift for the science fanatic, autograph enthusiast, or History buff. A must have addition to any collection.


Sold as is, as shown.


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