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One of the HOLY GRAILS of Presidential Autograph Collecting!

Legendary 16th President of the United States, ABRAHAM LINCOLN, entirely handwritten legal document in the Presidents distinctive hand signed at the conclusion "A. LINCOLN" and dated the 19th of September, 1838. The letter is in fantastic condition and entirely legible, all the handwriting on the front panel is in Lincolns hand comprising of almost 90 words. The handwriting on the back is in an unknown hand. 

CERTIFIED AUTHENTIC BY PSA/DNA EXPERT EXAMINATION. Sale includes original PSA/DNA Letter of Authenticity. UNCONDITIONALLY GUARANTEED GENUINE. Item is encapsulated inside PSA/DNA's sonically-sealed, tamper-evident holder.

This is one of the finest legal briefs we have ever seen from Lincoln before in our 40+ years of collecting. Lincoln would usually sign briefs with his partners last name and his last name such as "Stuart&Lincoln", this is one of the only briefs we have seen where Lincoln signs with his own personal and much more sought after signature. 

Lincoln writes
"Jacob Baum & John G. Shelton trading and doing business under the name style and firm of Baum & Shelton vs Peter Van Bergen, Sangamon Circuit Court. I do hereby enter myself security for costs in this case, and acknowledge myself bound to pay or cause to be paid all costs which may occur in this action, either to the opposite party or to any of the officers of this court in pursuance of the laws of this state. Dated this 19th day of September A.D. 1838. [Signed] A. Lincoln"

Baum and Shelton were St. Louis merchants who retained the law firm run by fellow Kentuckians John Stuart and Abraham Lincoln and sued Peter Van Bergen for breach of contract. In 1834, Van Bergen had purchased clothing from the plaintiffs valued at $129.75. The parties apparently reached a settlement, in which Van Bergen agreed to pay $159 in damages.

The document is in excellent condition for its 182 year old age. Some wrinkling and toning to the document as expected with its age. The document has been archivally and professionally reinforced along the horizontal fold to ensure it lasts for generations to come. Sold as shown.

Sold as is, as shown.

ABRAHAM LINCOLN * PSA/DNA Slabbed * Early Handwritten Autograph Letter Signed *

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