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One of the HOLY GRAILS of Presidential Autograph Collecting!

Legendary 16th President of the United States, ABRAHAM LINCOLN, entirely handwritten and signed plea for the case of Samuel Hitchcock V. William C. Glasgow. The plea dates from May 1st, 1855 and showcases Lincoln's legal genius as the pleas filed that day ultimately won the case for the man Lincoln represented. Verifiably provenanced as an original Lincoln document by the book "Abraham Lincoln Day-by-Day Chronology". Lengthy 85+ words written in the same hand that wrote the Gettysburg Address and signed the emancipation proclamation just a few years later. Not only does Lincoln write every word, he signs at the conclusion, “Lincoln”. 


Exceptional provenance: This case is logged and recorded in the definitive "Abraham Lincoln Day-by-Day Chronology" book as having been argued by Lincoln on May 1st, 1855. One of the few documents on the market with provenance widely accepted by academia.


Lincoln had appeared for the defendant William Glasgow in two cases heard before the Tazewell County, Illinois court in October 1854. The court decided against Glasgow in one decision, awarding the plaintiff $387.45 plus costs. In this second case, Hitchcock v. Glasgow (which this document relates to), Lincoln was more successful. The case was continued until spring 1855, when Lincoln filed this plea, arguing that the Hitchcocks could not recover the debt owed as there was no valid record, since Glasgow was an "Illinois" resident at the time the Ohio court awarded the Hitchcock estate its judgement. This plea handwritten by Lincoln caused the plaintiff to dismiss the action and secured Lincoln's client his win in cour