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One of the HOLY GRAILS of Presidential Autograph Collecting!

Legendary 16th President of the United States, ABRAHAM LINCOLN, autograph note signed AS PRESIDENT with provenance from his Secretary of War Edwin Stanton's personal collection. Abraham Lincoln hand pens a card AS PRESIDENT "Sec. of War, please see Gen Spinola. A. Lincoln Sept. 30. 1862". The Lincoln autograph has been graded a PRISTINE GEM 10 by Beckett authentication! Autograph card is in perfect condition, easily one of the finest Lincoln autographs to ever be offered for sale. Lincoln pens the note just 13 days after the battle of Antietam and 8 days after he released his preliminary Emancipation Proclamation setting a date for the freedom of all enslaved people.

Rated an incredible 10/10 "PRISTINE" AUTOGRAPH CONDITION! This is quite simply the highest grade of any Abraham Lincoln signed item currently on the market. Sale includes accompanying original LOA from the highly-respected Beckett (BAS) who have thoroughly examined the document and certify its authenticity. UNCONDITIONALLY GUARANTEED GENUINE.

When collecting autographs having a strong chain of provenance is incredibly valuable. This signed note came directly from Abraham Lincoln's close friend and Secretary of War Edwin Stanton's personal collection being enclosed in a letter by his son in 1868. Lincoln likely wrote this note with quite a bit on his mind having just had the bloodiest day of American history with a astounding 23,000 casualties during the battle of Antietam. Lincoln had also recently issued the preliminary Emancipation Proclamation. An important autograph from Lincoln signed in the midst of the American Civil war. 

This is simply the finest Lincoln autograph money can buy. Absolutely rock solid provenance in the form of a handwritten letter from Edwin Stanton's son Edwin L. Stanton enclosing the card to a senators wife. Coupled with the outstanding 10/10 grade received by Beckett, it's hard to imagine a finer Lincoln autograph with better provenance.

Stanton Provenance Letter Reads:
"Dear Madam 
It gives me pleasure to comply with the request contained in your note. Mr Lincoln's communications were for the most part made like that which I enclose. He would write upon a card and send it. I do not remember seeing a formal note on paper from him. 
Very Sincerely
Edwin L. Stanton
To Mrs. Senator Edwards
April 2nd 1868."

The document is housed in a "American Museum of Historical Documents" display (this company later became Gallery of History). Some scuffing to the frame itself, otherwise in fine condition. Lincoln autograph and Stanton letter are in excellent condition! Overall frame measures approx. 19.5"x20.75". Stanton note measures approx. 5"x8". Lincoln signed card measures 3.25"x2.25".

Sold as is, as shown.

ABRAHAM LINCOLN * BAS 10 * Autograph Card Signed From EDWIN STANTON Collection

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